listen to the harmony that each note creates in the music of life...

we talk about life frequently but too often we dislodge the idea that every beat of our heart is music to God's ears...we talk about tears and give so much attention to the cause of it, but we forget, may it be bitter or sweet, drip or splatter, every drop of it, is music to God's listening heart...we hesitate to talk to HIM in prayers but too often, we forget that our words, may it be mumble or jambled are beautiful sounds to Him...we sing songs of praises to HIM and we must not forget that every note we create brings melodious joy to HIS heart...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life's Journey

An encouragement for a Christ-like-lifestyle to every believer

Life's journey engulfs joys and tears
Walk by faith without fear
Stand fast, never fright
Grow in grace and make it right
Along rocky roads and thorny pathways
It seems so easy but the going is tough
As you travel on be fruitful too
Include determination as you go
Set your feet on the right direction
Give all your best to endure
Stretch your heart enlarge your tent
Your dream comes true if you'll not faint
Bear in mind if you always will
Life is worth on the thrill
It's worth rejoicing just follow the rules
A reward is waiting on the roll

Leah Menoc Hansen
Copyright ©2004 Leah Menoc Hansen